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Manta Consulting Inc. is a strategic consulting firm offering tailored services to businesses, foundations, impact investors, entrepreneurs, non-profits and social change leaders. Our mission is to help our clients scale socially and environmentally impactful change initiatives.

Manta Consulting works to bring structure, knowledge and substance to our client’s new ideas and initiatives.   We offer customized services at any stage of start up, development and expansion to turn ideas into real projects and programs.  Once these programs are in place, we assist with monitoring progress, troubleshooting or restructuring if key goals are not being reached, and with evaluating impacts and results.

Manta Consulting offers value added project leadership and management, information and education and other related services, to help organizations to grow and scale either for-profit or non-profit ventures which contribute to greater environmental and social sustainability.   We complement our own expertise with an international network of professionals and social leaders, and can assist partners and clients in creating a knowledge network and advisory circle with relevant cutting edge scientific, community or strategic experience.

Manta Consulting offers complete confidentiality to clients and can offer corporations, entrepreneurs and philanthropists privacy and anonymity during the research and implementation processes. We welcome all inquiries